Nov 17, 2021

A wide-body DeLorean that looks like it will fly into the future

Few cars are more iconic than the DeLorean DMC-12, and many owners want to turn them into identical machines to the one from the legendary Back to the Future franchise.

However, the owner of this special copy decided to go a step further and create something completely unique. The machine you see was presented at the SEMA Show car show and automatically attracted the attention of the world public because of its special, unique body equipment, with slightly wider wheel edges at the front and rear. The result of the whole project is a DeLorean that doesn't look like anything we've been able to see so far.

In a video created during this event, the owner of this car reveals how he bought the rescued DMC-12C, which also turned out to be the cheapest available in the US, using it for his project. Completing the job took six months, during which new exterior panels and one of the most intriguing aspects of the new design, 3D printed LED headlights and distinctive sticks were created.

In terms of powertrain, the tuners decided to discard the notoriously unreliable 2.25-liter V6 engine that originally came with this line, replacing it with a 5.3-liter LSX V8 engine and a pair of turbochargers, located below it and on just a few inches from the ground.

This is probably not the most efficient setup, but the owner of this DeLorean model claims that his setup is in the background and that he built it to look powerful, not because of the high performance. This V8 machine is paired with a transmission obtained from the Porsche 911 model, 996 generation, accompanied by a flawless exhaust system.

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