The BMW Neue Klasse platform comes with the electric 3 Series

BMW is planning the next chapter of its electrification strategy with the launch of the Neu Klasse platform.

The platform is currently under development and the result is expected in 2025 in the form of a fully electric Series 3, according to Motor1. The initial focus of this new platform will be models from the premium segment of medium size, confirmed recently the general director of this manufacturer, Oliver Zipse. Speaking during the financial report for the first quarter, Zipse said that the Neue Klasse will start production in the middle of this decade in the new BMW factory in Hungary.

Vehicles based on the new architecture will be offered only with electric drive, which is contrary to previous reports which claim that the Neue Klasse will also support models with SUS engines.

"When it enters the market, it will be concentrated on the 3 Series segment, at a time when the market will develop to a size where it is reasonable to have only one drive in that architecture," Zipse explained the reasons for changing BMW's strategy.

Following the first launch, BMW will expand the scope of the Neue Klasse for use in electric vehicles from other segments. Citing a source close to BMW, Automotive News reports that there will be a whole range of zero-emission vehicles based on architecture, ranging from "high-end segment to exclusive high-performance models." Meanwhile, the company's SUS engine models will continue to be based on other platforms.

As for the electric Series 3, it will appear on the market in 2025 and will be significantly different from the i3 currently offered in China (pictured). The latter is an EV conversion based on the current Series 3 and is not made on a dedicated platform for electric vehicles.