Electric BMW iX1 in winter testing

Shortly after the new generation of the X1, BMW will also introduce its electric variant.

It should be reminded that BMW announced a few months ago that the fully electric version of the new generation X1 will arrive at the end of this year. It is the BMW iX1, and its premiere will follow shortly after the standard BMW X1.

Now comes a few new images of the masked test specimen of the BMW iX1, as well as a couple of new details. The pictures were taken at the company's winter test center in Arjeplog, Sweden. BMW states that, among other things, all-wheel drive was tested there in the iX1 prototype, which has one electric motor at the front and the other located at the rear.

Speaking at BMW's annual conference, Oliver Zipse, chairman of BMW AG's board of directors, said the iX1 would appear during 2022. He also revealed that the X1 / iX1 would inherit the latest connectivity technology. Also mentioned is the digital curved display and the Operating System 8.

The BMW iX1 is announced as "spacious but compact" which confirms the information about the increased space in the cabin compared to the current X1.

It is not yet known how much power the iX1 will have, but it is known that it will be equipped with the fifth generation of eDrive technology. The range with one charged battery should be 413-438 km per WLTP, with a consumption of 17.3 to 18.4 kWh per 100 km.