Russian "Lada Niva" is now in the "black" version

"Lada" is expanding its range and announces the release of a new version on the market "Nive travel" with black equipment "Black". The price of this off-road vehicle is 11,200 euros.

"Lada niva travel" in the black version is made on the basis of "comfort" equipment (it has air conditioning, front seat heater, glove compartment that cools). In "black" equipment, the SUV received 16-inch wheels, an ignition key and remote alarm, a body-colored spare wheel cover and roof racks.

The wheels are painted black, so they fit stylishly with the rubber on the wheels. In addition, the upholstery in the car interior is also in black.

That the car belongs to a special series is indicated by a plate with the inscription "Black" on the body and a link on the backrests of the front seats.