Porsche takes a 50 percent stake in Red Bull

German automaker Porsche will reportedly partner with Red Bull, according to documents published by Motorsport.com.

The partnership will see Porsche take a 50 percent stake in Red Bull Technology (RBT), which should result in the development of a power unit that will meet the 2026 F1 engine rules.

The documents only mention RBT, but the deal is supposed to extend to Red Bull's F1 business. The documents suggest that Porsche and Red Bull plan to go public with their partnership on August 4.

Red Bull currently uses engines from Honda after reaching a deal to use the Japanese automaker's engines until 2025. The move saw Red Bull establish a new operation called Red Bull Powertrains Limited. Honda left F1 at the end of the 2021 season, Motor1 reminds.

The documents make no mention of AlphaTauri, which will remain under Red Bull's control. However, it is likely that Red Bull's sister team will also get Porsche engines.

The FIA ​​World Motor Sport Council is due to publish new engine regulations from 2026, which Porsche and others need to know before they start development. While Honda's absence allows Porsche to enter, Honda could also return in 2026.