Full electrification poses great challenges for hypercars

The performance of normal electric cars is so impressive that they can easily put modern supercars to shame, and with the industry's current path towards full electrification this could very well be a problem.

This is exactly what Christian von Koenigsegg, the famous Swedish virtuoso and founder of Koenigsegg Automotive AB, claims. Talking to the people of the Top Gear show, the founder and CEO emphasized that his company plans to create electric hypercars, but that it will be a very big challenge for it.

"This is a big challenge for any brand that creates extreme cars," Koengiseg stated when asked if he wanted to create an exciting electric model. "There are ways. I don't think anyone can tell too much of a difference between the Tesla Model S Plaid and the Porsche Taycan Turbo yet. I think they're very close in terms of performance, and they're already so far into the hypercar range that it's become uncomfortable."

Von Koenigsegg additionally points out that his company's work is already focused on creating electrified components for Gamera models. Although his engineers are working to create the most powerful and densest electric motor in the world, he claims that this will only push hypercars to a certain limit.

"It really doesn't make any significant difference if you have twenty kilos less on your e-motors and inverters." This certainly helps, but it won't give you too much of an advantage. It is difficult to achieve and should be done if possible, but it is only a small part of what I personally think should be different."

With the acceleration of electric vehicles to 100 from a standstill already below two seconds and a maximum speed of 322 km/h - with some modifications - the life of hypercar manufacturers has become much more complicated.

"I think you need a reason to exist," Koenigsegg concluded. "Simply making these models more interesting by adding numerous features or functionality while increasing their market credibility and then charging them ten times the price makes absolutely no sense or logic to me."

However, the CEO of the Swedish brand seems to have a plan for his first electric hypercar, so we can expect some surprises as has been the case so far.