Mercedes recalled only one copy of Maybach

Somewhere in the United States, there is a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class worth 185,000 dollars, although it is not in good condition. At least that's what Mercedes told the owner, issuing a warning not to drive it because bad lime could cause the rear axle bracket to crack.

The official recall clearly states: "The vehicle could sway on the road. In addition, the vehicle could pull to one side in case of emergency braking. In that case, the vehicle's handling would be impaired, increasing the risk of a collision." Fortunately, a potentially dangerous production error was discovered before the accident happened, according to

In addition, 10 other S-Classes, which do not carry the Maybach badge, were also affected by the recall.

After an internal investigation, Mercedes discovered that the potential safety risk could not be ruled out and decided to recall these vehicles. The German carmaker has committed to providing all customers with a replacement car while their S-Class is under repair. Once there, technicians will check the subframe welds on the rear axle bracket and replace it if necessary.